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Italian Bikes Photography

Here is a second set of images taken whilst on a recent trip to Pisa, Florence and Lucca. This set consist mostly of the beautiful old Italian buildings, doorways and in particular lots of lovely bikes leaning against rustic italian walls like the ones above. We are thinking of compiling a photgraphic book using some of these shots, so watch this space. See the full set here.


Pisa Marina Photoshoot

We have just uploaded some shots taken whilst on a recent trip to Tuscany to the studio Flickr. This first set was taken at Pisa Marina in March, it wasn’t typical beach weather but the cold day did provide some beautifully still and desaturated shots of a beach during the winter months. See the full set here.

Japanese Bike Parking

Great solution to the problems of illegal bicycle parking in Japan. Spotted via the Howies Brainfood blog

Its good to be home!



For those who don’t already know, we have now (eventually) made it back to the motherland. Had a fantastic time in Australia and we will miss many good people and some amazing places but fear not, we shall return. For now though the sight of some home cooked Haggis and a cold pint of Tennents was the perfect jet lag cure after a 29 hour journey. Ahh its good to be home. Change of address and relevant contact details will be forthcoming.

Hong Kong 3D Pixel Map



Incredible work in this 3D google style pixel map of Hong Kong. Be amazed here

Via Netdiver

Last one out, Please turn on the light!


Lovely collection of the last remaining professional darkrooms in London by Richard Nicolson Shamelessly plundered from Build Blog 😉

A lunch in the life…


So I thought I would take my camera out with me whilst going to pick up my usual ‘T8’ lunch from City Edge Cafe last week and have posted the photos showing the There studio where I am now working as well as some sights of local interest in Surry Hills such as Malibu (home the largest sandwich ever), The Hollywood hotel (home of all Surry Hills based designers come a Fri night) and Frost (the home of well… Vince Frost and the guys!) Check out the photos here

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BKMD (Bookmarked) is a new series of posts we have started. If your anything like us (and we know you are!) you'll have hundreds of great designers, agencies, illustrators and photographers sites bookmarked and its hard to remember them all. So in a bid to revisit some great sites we have decided to start re-posting all of our lost boomarks to create a visual reference of what made us bookmark them in the first place. Search the for BKMD posts using the filter drop down menu below. If you have any sites you think should be BKMD'D then email

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