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Effektive iPhone/iPad IOS4 Grid-Apps

We designed these free grid based home screen backgrounds and decided to call them Grid-Apps (Okay we know they are not Apps but the organise your Apps so were sticking with it, okay!) available for iPhone and iPad to coincide with the IOS4 software upgrade which allows you to select and image as a home screen background. These grid inspired layouts act as an organised wireframe grid structure to keep your applications in neat and tidy order on your iPhone or iPad. With numbered grid rows and a ‘D’ for Dock you simply press hold and drag and drop your icons into the specific grid spots. Please note only works on devices running IOS4 and only on 3GS or iPhone 4. More colours and styles will be available soon. Click here for free download and installation instructions. iPad Grid-Apps will be available soon.


GP is 10

I was surprised and delighted to receive one of the much in demand GP is 10 mailers designed by Build for printers Generation Press. A limited edition of 500 (I got No.69), the mailer comes in a bespoke grey board packaging printed one side with the new Colourplan Barry green (A new colour of GF Smith Colourplan green was created by GP’s own colour mixologist Barrie Forrest.) It houses an embossed and overprinted custom box containing 10 lovely loose pieces by the likes of Build, Sanna Annukka, Timothy Saccenti, Nicola Place and John O’Reilly. Each insert is printed on various stock with a variety of lovely finishes including a lovely matt black foiled X onto Mirri card and an A3 3 spot colour design printed litho on to white Astralux. I have done a bit of a geeky ‘unboxing’ style set of images, not the best photography Im afraid but it should give you the idea. This is a lovely piece which I will be referring to a lot when it comes to beautiful attention to detail and superior print and finishing. Thanks to Generation Press for making my day.

Candy Cranks T-Shirt!

Thanks to Meg at Candy Cranks for sending though a lovely new Candy Cranks T-shirt which arrived this morning from Sydney. You can buy one of these and many other bike related goodies over at the Candy Cranks Store.

Designer Buys/Freebies



Having finally got all of our stuff out of storage and unpacked all the boxes back into our place in Glasgow I was handed this wonderful collection of books/prints from my parents who let me have all of my designer buys and freebies sent to their place over the course of the last year. I had forgotten I had even bought most of the stuff, it was like Christmas in August when this little lot arrived… now to find a place for it all, hmm! Special thanks to Hey Days, Counter-Print, Its Nice That and Chris Clarke for some lovely freebies!

100 Limited Edition Effektive Mailers Available



Over the past 12 months I have had a lot of requests asking to get one of the Effektive mailers which were produced for my move to Sydney. The mailers are 2 colour litho printed A2 sheets (folded to A5 booklet) on 140gsm Cyclus Offset. Now that I am back in the UK I am making 100 hand numbered limited editions of these available to anyone who wants one at a cost of £6 (UK and Europe) and £7.50 (Worldwide) to cover postage and materials. They are now available and can be paid through Paypal. If you are interested in purchasing one then please drop an email to for more information and photos of the mailers visit here



I like this site, you can purchase a set of icons designed on the principles of Helvetica at Helveticons Alternatively you can download some nice little yellow folders and icons for your OSX desktop for free.

FLIQLO Flip Clock Screensaver



I have been getting a few emails recently about this great screensaver (as seen below on the Happy (Hey)Days post) so here it is, Its called FLIQLO and it was designed by Yuji Adachi. You can download this and some other goodies including a nice Lego style saver from 9301. It makes a nice Mac look even nicer sitting in the studio. It also works on Windows for those so inclined. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

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BKMD (Bookmarked) is a new series of posts we have started. If your anything like us (and we know you are!) you'll have hundreds of great designers, agencies, illustrators and photographers sites bookmarked and its hard to remember them all. So in a bid to revisit some great sites we have decided to start re-posting all of our lost boomarks to create a visual reference of what made us bookmark them in the first place. Search the for BKMD posts using the filter drop down menu below. If you have any sites you think should be BKMD'D then email

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