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Design Heroes #6 TOKO


The first in the design heroes series for the new year and it starts off with one of my favourite studios. TOKO are based here in Sydney (just round the corner from us at There) and consist of Michael and Eva who I have had pleasure of meeting on various occasions. The work that they produce is simply beautiful and at times really blurs the boundaries between design and art, be sure to checkout their work for Code magazine and also the annual report for The Hague. Not only is there range of work incredible but they are jolly nice people too so why not get over there and checkout some of their recent masterpieces. Michael, if you read this buy me a beer in the Hollywood ūüėČ


Design Heroes #5 Michael C Place/Build


Don’t need to say too much. The work of Build is fantastic and I have been a fan of Michael’s work since back in DR days. He has added some more beautiful work of late to his website as well as starting a rather interesting blog. Well worth checking out!

Design Heroes #4 – Biblioth√®que

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my collection of design heroes and this is one that I’ve been waiting to add.¬†Biblioth√®que are based in London and produce fantastic work for the likes of Adidas, V&A and Nike amongst many other boutique brands , I like most people have been waiting for an update on their¬†website¬†and finally its here, so why not check them out.

Design Heroes #3 Non-Format

The third in my series of design heroes are Non-Format. Non-Format is a creative team comprising Kjell Ekhorn (Norwegian) and Jon Forss (British). They work on a range of projects including art direction, design and illustration for music industry, arts & culture, fashion and advertising clients. They also art direct Varoom: the journal of illustration and made images. They have just updated their website and are a deserved addition to the series, go see for yourself.

Design Heroes #2 Spin

The second in the Design Heroes series are Spin based in London. I have been a fan of Spin’s work since had the pleasure of meeting Tony Brook at a Long Lunch event last year. A¬†thoroughly¬†inspiring¬†guy and a nice one to boot. They produce consistently fantastic work for¬†their¬†clients as well as¬†their¬†own excellent Spin/1,2 and 3 newsprint pieces (Spin/3 Action Time Vision shown above). Of particular note is the work for Haunch of Venison, Nike, D&AD and lately the Channel 4 25×4.

Design Heroes #1 Frost

The first in a new series, I am going to post a designer/studio past or present who is a design hero of mine. Founded in London by Vince Frost and now based in Sydney, Frost design are one of my favourite agencies and continue to produce ground breaking work. They have just updated¬†their¬†site¬†with some new goodies so there’s no better time to check them out.¬†

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BKMD (Bookmarked) is a new series of posts we have started. If your anything like us (and we know you are!) you'll have hundreds of great designers, agencies, illustrators and photographers sites bookmarked and its hard to remember them all. So in a bid to revisit some great sites we have decided to start re-posting all of our lost boomarks to create a visual reference of what made us bookmark them in the first place. Search the for BKMD posts using the filter drop down menu below. If you have any sites you think should be BKMD'D then email

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